TrackingNI: Simple Skeleton, Hand and Head Tracking

This is a follow-up to my MouseNI post. We got some more time to work with the Kinect yesterday and finally got the skeletal tracking working in C# with WPF.  Based solely on the skeletal data, it also draws circles for the head and hands.  Here’s Ramsey giving a demo:

Now that we’ve got it working, we can start actually building some cool projects. More to come soon.

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14 Responses to TrackingNI: Simple Skeleton, Hand and Head Tracking

  1. Navarro says:

    Hello Richard,

    Beautiful example of Kinect power!! Where’s the source code?? Can you share with us?

  2. NTC says:

    Hello! great work, but I have one question. I’m facing a problem with xnv in building projext. I can’t find correct reference for using xnv. “The type or namespace name “xnv” could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?).

    Can you help me what I missed please?

    Thank you.

    • Hello NTC, thanks!

      The xnv namespace comes from, which is PrimeSense’s NITE middleware. Just include a reference to that library in your project, and you should be good to go!

      • NTC says:

        I had unsigned version I think… now i got it work. I also had some problem with config file. when I build project it wont copy it into bin\debug\ directory. I set to Copy always, but it doesn’t help. Now I copied it manually and it works, but i see depth image on both windows…. I think it might be sth wrong with my config file…
        Any idea where could the problem be?

        Anyway thanks for your work. You saved me many hours.

  3. NTC says:

    No.. i still haven’t figure it out… I’m working with manually copied file to debug folder. But it’s true that I’m new to VS… It could be problem with some permissions I think, or U have any other idea what could be?

  4. farnaz says:

    I have some problem with mirosoft.csharp.dll
    and and
    what should I do?

  5. You need to download and install OpenNI and NITE. Then make references in your project to and Microsoft.CSharp.dll should come with the .NET framework, just add a reference to that as well.

  6. farnaz says:

    i cant find the direct download file.please show me and please give me your email address

  7. farnaz says:

    I really need those files plz help me.
    and Im working on a project and I want to talk to you.
    and answer this message to my email
    Im waiting for your answer…..


  8. farnaz says:

    I dont have enough time.
    plz answer….

    • Ruwan Yatawara says:

      Hi Farnaz,
      I believe the TrackingNI:Depth Correction, is the improved version of this code. Its available under the C# section. Hope it is what u were looking for.

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