Jack-o’-Lantern & Arduino

After a few glasses of wine, we decided to do some pumpkin carving:

I chose a cat; she chose the ghost:

and the finished product:

Then I had the bright idea to put some LEDs into it. Add a little creativity, and the dust that’s been collecting on my Arduino was dusted off.

Here’s the complete set of LEDs and their corresponding wires. We made 4 red and 4 yellow (two per pumpkin):

…then we wired up the pumpkins, labeled the colors and the ground/hot:

Thanks to my old iPhone charger (RIP Steve Jobs), we got power over USB from my living room extension cord:

…and they turned out beautiful:

Here’s a video (please excuse the sound):

Quote of the night: “I should have known pumpkin carving with you would have ended up like this.”

More videos to come!

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